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Welcome to 11th Moon

We are a women's clothing store located in Laguna Beach, CA. At 11th Moon we focus on quality fabrics in garments that are unique, hard to find and above all, well made.

Customer service is extraordinarily important to us. Prior to operating our on-line store we relied solely on our local clientele and those who traveled to Laguna Beach. This has been a great experience for us as we have formed long term relationships with our clients. We know their names, their children's names, their favorite colors, their jean size, what they love to wear and what they won't wear. We take great joy in the women and their families and friends that grace us with their visits.

We pull pieces we know our customer will like and each time we encourage our customers to try things that are new and different for them and that we know will look amazing. We are honest with our customers and we listen to their feedback and their needs.

We know that with our on-line store we cannot offer the exact type of direct relationship. So we hope to make up for it in the way we communicate to you about the garments and the styles we love. We have worked hard to make the 11th Moon on-line shopper's experience personal. Our voice and opinions are all over our web-site as it is our way of creating a dialogue with you.

We look forward to getting to know you, if you have any questions or comments please email us at or call us at the store (949.715.3254) during our regular business hours 10am-6pm PST.

Thank you!

Gillian, Virginia, and the 11th Moon team